Courses and Certifictions

Breastfeeding Support

Feeding your children is one thing that every parent has in common. How you feed your babies is unique to you. 

Let's chat about all the amazing options you have available to you.

Labour and Birth Doula

As a certified labour and birth doula I am committed to helping you learn about all of your options and supporting you through your birth.

Holistic Support

Holistic support

Birth is about working with the whole person. 

Birth should be a natural process with occasional medical treatment, not a medical procedure that occasionally happens naturally.

You have options, let's discuss them!

Emergency First Responder

Certified First Reposnder

When passions meet!

Certified Rescue Diver, certified emergency oxygen provider, certified CPR and first aid, infant and child resuscitation 2016

Sex and Birth Support

Sex and Birth Support

Sex can be great. But sometimes it can also get in the way of great. 

Pregnancy, birth, and postpartum may change your bodies and sex lives. If you ever want to chat about these changes, I have two ears for exactly that!

My Journey

Where am I going?

There's a special sweetness in bearing witness to the start of life. 

I am blessed to pursue my passion of supporting families and communities through one of the biggest transitions of some people's lives. 

Currently I am working on the completion of my childbirth educator certifications. This summer I hope to complete training in Spinning Babies and When Survivors Give Birth. 

OB/Gyn shadowing in Mexico

Research in Mexico

After completing my Honours degree in Anthropology I had the opportunity to spend 4 months living and researching on Isla Mujeres, Q. Roo, Mexico in the summer of 2016.    

While there I questioned the care of women in the medical system, I explored the systemic issues of high cesarian rates, and I explored the tools women had to act autonomously during birth.

I had the opportunity to shadow the head Ob/Gyn of the community and a local working midwife.    

I asked some of the following questions: what are the limitations to implementing humanized birth laws? what contributes to the decision making process regarding care of labouring women? what are the factors contributing to the high cesarean section rate? and to what degree to women hold autonomy of their bodies during childbirth? 

Those answers have fuel my passion in birth everyday.