Halifax, N.S.

Roughly 5,000 babies are born every year at the IWK and that number is slowly increasing. 

Community Recources

Pregnancy Support

Birthright International of Halifax

Support for unplanned pregnancies. 

Helpline (Toll Free): 1.800.550.4900

Address: 1531 Grafton Street, Suite 301

Phone: 902-422-3400

Fitness and Pregnancy Support

Studio In Essence -

Circus and aerial gym offering prenatal pilates, baby and me fitness, and rehabilitation. 

Located on Dresden Row above Petes Fruitique!

Massage, Chiropractor and Acupuncture

Hammond Chiropractic

Is a certified massage therapist who can help with pregnancy and labor discomfort.


Resources for Birth

The volunteer Doula association provides Doula services to families who may not normally have access to such care. For more information or how to get involved check out:

Home of the Guardian Angel
Volunteer Doula Program.
Chebucto Family Centre
3 Sylvia Avenue
Halifax, NS, Canada, B3R 1J7
Phone: 902-479-3031

Looking for a midwife or a homebirth?

IWK Midwifery

There are four full time and one part time midwives working at the IWK but the wait list is very long. 

Address: 68 Highfield Park Drive, Suite 202, Dartmouth, 

Phone: (902) 491-2292

Breastfeeding Support

Good Latch, Breastfeeding Support Services
Breastfeeding support services in Halifax.
Phone: (902) 457-3615

Postpartum Mental Health

Mental Health is so important for everyone. But especially so for new families. Did you know post-partum depression can affect the whole family and not just the birthing person?

It's okay to need help sometimes. We all love you, you're never as alone as you feel. 

Mental Health Crisis Line: 1-888-737-4668 or 777-3200 for 24 hour

If you are concerned about your mental health please feel free to reach out to myself. Mental Health is so important and there are always, always, more options than you can see. 

Postpartum Support

 IWK Advice line- 811

Post Partum Doula Services -Contact Coalesce and find out how we can help you.