Coalesce Birth Services


What is a Doula?

 "We have a secret in our culture, and it's not that birth is painful, it's that women are strong." 

- Laura Stavoe Harm  

A doula provides intimate educational, emotional, and physical support to you and your family during pregnancy, labour and birth, and the immediate postpartum. 

Childbirth Education

Education designed for you.

I provide private childbirth education classes for couples either in the comfort of their own homes or at my office.

Topics include normal birth physiology, comfort measures, possible interventions, variations from normal, birth in Nova Scotia, and any other topics your family wishes to focus on.

Labour and Birth Support

I provide loving care and support for you and your whole family during labour and birth. 

I'm here to support you and your birth. I provide information, support for you and your birthing partner, and I help you to navigate the road of labour and birth. 

Postpartum Support

An extra set of hands and a pair of listening ears. 

I'm here to help you transition into your new normal. Allow me to take some of the loads of laundry so that you may have more time with your precious new baby. 

Commonly Asked Questions and Myths

I can't afford Doula care, do you offer any sort of payment plan or sliding scale?
I provide several services to help make Doula care more affordable. Grace pay allows you to pay for 50% of the total costs of services through a trade of goods or services of equal value. I also offer several packages depending on your desired services. 

Myth: Doulas instill their birth values and you have to fight for the birth that you want.
This is false. So false. I am here to educate and support you so that you may have the birth that you desire. 

Is a Doula the same thing as a Midwife?

No, Midwives are trained medical professionals whose primary job is the safety of mother and baby, Doulas are certified and skilled birth workers who help to support the family. 

Myth: Doulas are all hippies and essential oils.

Well True. Partially true. In my case, I am a hippy. I believe everyone should feel loved and connected. But my birth bag is full of so much more than essential oils. And not every doula is a hippy. Doulas come from all sorts of backgrounds.