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Still Worth It

 Elaine is an amazing Doula, and went above and beyond for us many times during both my pregnancy, and the birth of my son. She gave me unyielding support, invaluable advice, and endless compassion throughout this journey. I learned a lot of things about birth, delivery, babies, and my body, as well as many techniques to help me through labour.

And even though this was not my first child, I went into this birth so much more prepared than I ever could have become on my own, and I went into that hospital confident, brave, and ready.

Elaine checked in on me several times a week (Every day once my due date drew near) full of advice, love and support, and it was so wonderful to have someone like that during my pregnancy, my own cheerleader, and she made me really understand how amazing of a process I was going through.

When we learned at 28 weeks that I had gestational diabetes, Elaine immediately and without hesitation was on board with all my decisions, talked to me about my diet, my options, and what having GD could mean for my pregnancy and delivery. It was not only educational, but extremely reassuring to me at a time I was feeling very helpless.

Though things did not go as we hoped (I was induced due to my diabetes) Elaine talked me through each contraction, stayed by my side every second, and was able to support me through the entirety of my labour while not getting in the way of me and my partner, as we bonded over the birth of our son.

I was unable to make it through without an epidural, as I'd hoped, due to the increased pain of drug induced contractions, but Elaine once again supported me completely. She helped me get as far as I could, and the second I said I needed the relief of drugs, she accepted it, and continued to tell me how amazing I was doing, and how brave I was for making it so far on my own. It was thanks to her that I was able to continue through labour without feeling like I had failed, without feeling as if I had done wrong by my child by needing relief, and I will never be able to thank her enough for that.

I cannot recommend her services enough, no matter how many children you have had. I have never felt more amazing about myself than I did during that birth. And even though my plans went completely awry, it was still the most empowering experience of my life, and an experience all women deserve to have with their births.

There are really no words to express my gratitude, and I implore any women considering a Doula, to give it some thought, and to at least meet with Elaine. It was life changing for me, and for my partner, and we will always be glad we chose her.

It was worth every penny we spent, and more

                       - Bella, Loving Mother

A Birth Guru

Elaine went above and beyond our greatest expectations! Her invaluable support as a childbirth educator was very comprehensive. Her array of knowledge is extensive and she readily provided us with any helpful information we requested. I highly encourage anyone who is considering a doula in Halifax to contact Coalesce Birth Services.

                     - Candice Dumont, Loving Mother

You Learn Something New Every Day

Very educated!! Enthusiastic and engaging when teaching birthing material. Found her insight to be enlightening. I am a university student and received several lessons, I found it very easy to listen and absorb her teachings. Lovely woman!!

                    - Emily Timms, University Student

Just Doula It

 If you are interested in a well educated and inspired doula, then Elaine will be the best part of your birth team. 

                    - Tina Madelina, Doula